Thursday, February 17, 2011

Oh the Places I wish to go...

Well, it's only one place I wish I was at and that is New York for Fashion Week.  As it is winding down I decided to pay homage to a few recent movies that exude fashion- mainly due to the costume designers and fashion designers.  Last night, I popped Sex and the City: The Movie in- the first one; just know the second one doesn't even hold a candle to the first one.  There was also The September Issue- a documentary about Vogue and putting together the issue of  September 2007; it was the biggest issue to ever have come out at that time.  And, of course, Devil Wears Prada.  The clothes in these three movies/documentaries are AMAZE!

Well, it was late at night and I ended up falling asleep- hey, I get up a little after 7 to go on a run or do yoga and I need all the beauty sleep I can get!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The limbs on this tree just keep growing and growing and growing...

A few years ago I thought it would be great to put together my family tree.  I didn't realize how big my family was...and just my family.  When I got married I revisited the idea and thought maybe if I put my family tree in a scrapbook format it would be even more grandeur... So, a few months ago I actually started to put this to work. I gave myself Christmas day as a my deadline so I can show both sides of our family.  Christmas is in a few short weeks and I am nowhere near complete.  There are times where I will just stare at that 8.5x11 piece of black paper and think "what the heck am I going to do?" It would help if I wasn't such a perfectionist with these things, but when I pass this piece of history to my children it better be amazing.

Friday, April 2, 2010

It's raining, it's pouring...what's a girl to do? Buy some rainboots! That's what!

If you haven't been living in a hole, Liberty of London has collaborated a line with Target...They join the ranks with Jean Paul Gaultier, Thakoon, Alexander McQueen (RIP), Anna Sui- just to name a few mah-jor designers... At first, I was apprehensive about Libery of London, I mean, how much floral can one have in their collection? However, with today's fashion where you can mix prints, I totally dig it. I did some "on-lining" (is that a word? if not, i totally made it up!!!) and was able to see what their pieces looked like...then, there they were- the cutest rainboots ever! I read the reviews...customers absolutely love them! So, I went out today and bought them. :)

They do run a bit big. I am normally a 5.5 and had to get a 5...they were only $29.99...and I am wearing them for the annual Easter Egg hunt this year. I figure I can get a couple of wears out of them and be happy. Hello? they were only $29.99- what else would you expect?

Cute, eh???

Monday, March 29, 2010

Jen Lancaster is awesome!!!

A little background about who Jen Lancaster is: an author and a blogger. After she lost her big time job (she was a VP) she found herself unemployed after 9/11 and unhireble (is that a word?). So, she started blogging about the unemployment office and her temp jobs. She started getting a following which led to writing her first book. Now she is the author of 4 books: Bitter is the New Black; Bright Lights Big Ass; Pretty in Plaid and the newly published Such a Pretty Fat.

Picture this:
It's around one in the morning.
I'm in my favorite white hanes v-neck tee (so comfy to sleep in) and victoria's secret cotton pajamas.
I've just finished Jen Lancaster's book: Bright Lights, Big Ass...
and am cCatching up on her blog:Jennsylvania
A thought comes to me- I should writ Jen an e-mail and tell her how awesome she is!!!

Basically, the email says things like how awesome I think she is; she writes how I think, she inspired me to start a journal to write my thoughts, etc.

Well, today in my Inbox I get an email from the very talented and successful writer- Jen Lancaster!!! How cool is that?
Her email said:


So glad you like the books!
(And I can be actually pretty nice in person, so I doubt you'd be intimidated by me unless you colossally fucked up!)


I was definitely not expecting a response...This is why she is Awesome! I recommend reading her books but be forewarned she does have a bit of a potty mouth.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

My heart will go on...for Celine Dion

Just watched "Celine Dion: Through the Eyes of the world" (only in theaters for 2 weeks! 2 WEEKS people!) I was able to see parts of her concert and her travels around the world. This girl did some serious traveling! I kept thinking- "Man, it would be so awesome to be on her staff!" They travelled to Finland; Brisbane, Australia; Johannesburg, South Africa- met Mandela! Went on a safari tour! Korea; Macau, China; you get the picture. She went shopping at Saks after hours and left with 20 shopping bags- oh man!

It was amazing! It made me want to get every cd and watch Titanic.

This is a pic from her tour...check out her shoes- LOVE!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Great things come in small packages...

I have a love for shoes- what girl doesn't, right? Well, because I am barely 5'0 (my license says I am 5'1" hee hee hee) I wear heels 95% of the time I leave my house. I hope it's obvious the reason I wear heels so much is to make up for my lack of tallness. And, not any ol' shoe will do...if it looks like Barbie would own them, then I should too. That's truly how I decide my shoe purchases. My staple pair of shoes is just a basic black pump- 3 1/2 in. heel. Currently, I have 3 pairs in my closet. That way, I can rotate them around- the only maintenance I have done is replacing the heel taps.

Well, today I was sitting in the Beaver bus looking at my fabulous pair of nude Jessica Simpson heels (don't judge because they are J.Simpson- really, she has some cute shoes in her line albeit some are truly not comfortable. And, I challenge her to wear a pair of her shoes on an 8-hour day, standing the whole time!)

As I am staring down at my fabulous shoes, I thought "Man, if I didn't wear heels, my feet would most likely not touch the ground" Then, I thought- thank god for high heels!

These Gucci's are to die for!!! Couldn't you see Barbie owning a pair???

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

You've just worked a ton of hours this week! What are you going to do now? I'm taking a STAYCATION!!!

As this week is coming to a close and I can see my holiday coming up, I have mentally been preparing a to-do list for some much needed spring cleaning. I already have a slight head start with my closet. The only issue I am running into is where to fit the rest of my stuff? I feel as though I need more containers of some sort. Sounds like a trip to The Container Store, no?

My holiday is 7 whole days away from work and I CANNOT wait. My house is in utter disaster. Really, who wants to work for 9 hours and come home and do more work? Not I said the fly...

I have decided the best way to tackle my deep spring cleaning is to look at each and every room. Then, from there, bullet point what needs to be done. From there bullet point steps...get the picture? Ahhh...feels good!

Who knows... maybe I will even throw a tea party when I'm done cleaning:)